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For quick and easy registration process, we only need your PAN card and your address proof.

Choose Strategy

Select your preferred risk category and duration of investment compound your earnings or opt for monthly payouts

Funds Allocate

Make a deposit, and our P2P partners will invests based on your chosen strategy. You can reinvest or withdrawal monthly


Earn upto 18% p.a

The easiest and fastest way to build your wealth. Our partner’s team meets with each borrower for a comprehensive overview. A typical borrower is a business owner with a prior track record of successful loan repayment i.e. a good credit score. Our partner’s risk team comes with the industry’s strongest credentials and experience.

Earn upto 18% p.a

Grow your wealth with the power of compounding. Your funds are invested in loans with Medium credit ratings. Repayments are reinvested to deliver accelerated returns. Our investment product design and borrower selection are designed to minimize the risk of loss on your investment.

Invest Now

Earn upto 16% p.a

Your second income! This investment plan gives you monthly interest payouts into your bank account. Your investment is deployed into loan portfolios. Your funds are invested in loans with Medium to High credit ratings. Principal repaid is reinvested & interest is paid into your bank account.

Invest Now

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